Watch Indonesian Television Station Streaming Via Internet

Buddy ...

For those of you who are living or traveling abroad and want to watch Indonesian televison, you do not need to worry anymore

Now there is a site that provide streaming Indonesian Television station and to be live..

Buddy can watch it live via the internet .. It's Real LIVE

Name of the site is Mivo.TV

Currently, stasion tv that you can see, are: RCTI, TransTV, SCTV, MetroTV, GlobalTV, plus MIVOTV (MivoTv have their own channel as well)

Buddy ...

If you curious about it and wanna see, just check it out ...

But be remember, you need fast internet connection to get smoothy streaming.

Success, bro ..

Notes: considering about MivoTV server stability is still in doubt, sometime good and sometime bad. However this is good news for Indonesian people that travelling abroad