How to End Task Or Closing Not Responding Program Quickly

What first will you do if your program in windows suddenly crushed or not responding?
O yeah, I know. Click "ctrl+alt+del" [running task manager] and then click "end task" to terminate the program

Well, actually there is a more simple way to closing "not responding" program that is by making "command prompt" shortcut on the desktop. And this is step to make it:

1. Right click on the desktop >> click "New" >> click "shortcut"
2. On the "type the location..." type up: taskkill.exe /f /fi "status eq not responding" [no need to click browse] >> click next and finish

by clicked the shorcut, "not responding" program will be terminated automatically. So you can called it as "ctrl+alt+del alternative"

You can change both shorcut's name and the icon with your favorite one

To change the name: right click on the icon "taskkill" >> click "rename" >> type up your favorite name >> and enter

To change the icon: right click on the icon "taskkill" >> click "properties" >> click "change icon" >> choose your favorite icon >> finished >> ok