How To Disable AutoPlay Feature In Your Windows XP

OS Windows XP in default setting always using autoplay feature. So everytime you insert cd or flashdisk, the system will detect and check the contents and then executing script (if exist) that lay down in flashdisk or cdrom.

the negative effect of this feature is if your flashdisk or CD infected by virus and then inserted in your computer, the autoplay feature will execute the script that made by virus that will spread the virus automatically into your system. That's dangerous, right?

So if you in case not sure about the flashdisk or cdrom, that would be better if you turn of the autoplay feature. How to do it?

Ok, I'll show you how to disable autoplay feature in your windows XP:
  1. Start >> Run >> type:"gpedit.msc">> and the click enter
  2. [Group Policy] go to User Configuration >> Administrative Template >> System
  3. at the right side see words "Turn Off Autoplay" and then double click
  4. at the option, choose "enable" and then click Ok
  5. Restart the computer, done.
and now your computer is disabling the autoplay feature. And if you want to go back to default setting, please do same steps except at the option (step 4) choose "disable"